New website for Perthshire Biofuels goes live!

Fraktul worked with Perthshire Biofuels to upgrade their website to an exciting and engaging platform that would help attract customers and increase awareness.

Our team has supported Perthshire Biofuels to produce a new and responsive website that is both dynamic and engaging. The website has been fully optimised for cross- platform integration, including desktop, tablet, and mobile functionality.

Perthshire Biofuels are specialists in biomass heating for the home. They take great pride in creating successful renewable energy heating systems by ensuring they are installing only the highest quality technology.

Perthshire Biofuels deliver value to their customers and are helping shape a greener future for Scotland.

Features of this website include a dedicated ‘About Us’ page, where customers can read up about Perthshire Biofuels as a local business, links to their social media channels, a link to their blog, intriguing images of various products, and an online contact form as an easy method of contact.

Mark Haddow of Perthshire Biofuels was delighted with the service we provided.

Fraktul Managing Director Stephen Gorton was very pleased to be able to support Perthshire Biofuels through the development of their new website “It has been great for us to work with the fantastic team at Perthshire Biofuels. It has been an exciting experience and we look forward to continuing this partnership”

Besides the responsive website, our team has provided a wide range of marketing services, including social media, rebranding and vehicle branding. These were all combined with great effect. Perthshire Biofuels have a fantastic team and we very much look forward to supporting this business to grow.