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Named after fractal mathematics, where the repetition of pattern results in some of the most beautiful shapes in nature; we believe that marketing is at its most successful, where the whole reflects the parts. Fraktul adopts Nordic design principles, that function should be matched to aesthetics.

Fraktul has a wide variety of proven expertise, which can help deliver tangible results to your organisation. Fraktul works with clients to provide value adding marketing support and provide the promotional activities and material to generate new business.

Whether you want some support for a specific campaign, or help breaking into a new sector, we can help. By working with you, to clearly establish your strengths, we can leverage this to your advantage.

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Our History

Fraktul - Seedlings
Fraktul - seedling with green leaves on a white background
Seedling in soil on a white background
Seedling in soil on a white background
Seedling in soil on a white background
Seedling in soil on a white background
Seedling in soil on a white background
Seedling in soil on a white background

Why Fraktul?


Fraktul was formed and is based in Perth. This means we can provide a reactive and cost-effective service. We utilise enterprise level project management and coordination tools, allowing our teams to integrate and work effectively throughout a project.

We have a team of five and work with a range of local suppliers and partners. Our team has, in a relatively short period of time, supported over 60 organisations and developed branding for 30.


We know that project delivery is crucial. Many of the projects we work on are business critical. We understand that we have to work not just hard, but smart and we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver a project.

Many of our clients have experienced our teams dedication and a genuine commitment to going the extra mile.


Our team, led by Chartered Marketer Stephen has been working together for over six years. Together our team has over 40 years marketing knowledge. Perhaps more importantly, we have developed in a tough economic environment, where value for money and ROI has been vital to our clients’ success.


Whilst a young business, our team has proven that it can help local businesses grow and to compete against the best across both Scotland and the UK. We have helped our clients’ to increase visibility in the marketplace, to discover and exploit their USPs, to win awards and most importantly – win business.