Our graphic design and copywriting services are utilised to create attractive and informative promotional material that reflect your brand. We can provide advertising services for organisations of all sizes – big or small. 

Fraktul will work with you to develop an advertising campaign to reinforce your position, or to develop awareness of your business. With an effective advertising campaign, the world really is your oyster! 

Effective advertising is a very cost-effective way of promoting your business and you could not have come to the best people for the job. We will ensure your promotional material is focused, creative, engaging and integrated perfectly to reach your target audience. We offer an end-to-end service from project planning to delivery to add value and ensure each of your campaign objectives is fully covered. 

Fraktul will work closely with you to discuss your campaign objectives and using our extensive knowledge, our drive for success and most importantly, creativity, we can produce a campaign that will not only attract but will get you results.

Advertising: How we can help

We will work with you to create an attractive and engaging advertising campaign that will help raise awareness and communicate the positive aspects of your brand. 

Our first step will be to discuss and understand your campaign objectives. Together we’ll explore how we’ll achieve these to get you the best results. 

Our dedicated creative team will use their extensive knowledge and skills to create a campaign that engages, acquires and retains consumer attention. Our team has delivered award-winning advertisements, capturing the attention of editors and readers alike. 

We’ll bring together the right blend of our team’s skills, marketing, design, copy writing and the knowledge of where best to place your advert to deliver. 

Do you have an advertising idea that you want to bring to life, or would you just like more information on how we can help make your business grow? Why not give our team a call today? 

The Bathroom Company A4 advertising mockup

Advertising Services


High impact posters.

Google PPC

Effective campaigns, placing your message right where people will see it.

Facebook advertising

Carousel or promoted posts delivered with pin-point demographic accuracy.

Digital advertising

Animated GIFS for MPU, skyscraper or banner web based adverts.


We can assist in the finding of partnerships for your campaigns.

Integrated campaigns

We’ll recommend, plan, organise and deliver your complete campaign, perfectly.

Communications strategy

We offer an in-depth analysis of your current communications strategy and overall business in order to make important decisions.

Event management

Need help organising a promotional event? Not an issue!


Vinyl or mesh? Can’t tell the difference? Leave it with us!

Print advertising

Whether magazine or newspaper, we’ll provide a great advert.

Leaflets / flyers

Always a really effective way to promote your organisation or event.

Digital displays

Ever wanted your name on the big screen? We can make it happen!


We can arrange for hospitality services for your events and meeting.

Press releases

Our persuasive and informative copywriting skills will ensure your business stands out from the crowd!


The design and creation of effective and creative advertising campaigns that does wonders for your business.