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LW Haddow Photoshoot

LW Haddow team looking snappy in photoshoot

LW Haddow’s photoshoot in March provided them with a fantastic collection of images which they have already put to good use. The stunning photos feature LW Haddow’s highly experienced and friendly team of plumbers and electricians along with their fleet of vehicles, on Perth’s South Inch. The corporate photos, which have already been used on LW Haddow’s estimate folders and website, are a great resource for marketing collateral, and Fraktul Managing Director Stephen Gorton, who organised the shoot, knows how much [...]

Image of tiger leaping over cat

If you always do what you’ve always done…

If you always do what you have always done, then you'll always get what you have always got. OK, so this may, or may not have been uttered by Henry Ford, or Mark Twain, but it's been around for at least four decades. This statement, along with, "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it." has always provided a positive reinforcement for inertia.

Half way through 2014 – Here’s how we’ve helped

173 days in and just after the summer solstice, we thought it’d be worth taking a moment to reflect on how we’d helped some clients to achieve in 2014. It has been a pretty busy start to the year. We’re very pleased to be helping a number of clients with the Perth and Kinross Council Consultancy support grant.

Go for growth 2013 graphic on a red background
Go for growth 2013 graphic on a red background

Perth and Kinross Council – Business Consultancy Grant

We’re delighted to confirm that the team at Fraktul has been selected by Perth and Kinross Council Business Growth Team to provide a wide range of professional marketing services. This will enable SMEs in Perth and Kinross to benefit from the PKC Business Consultancy Grant.