Email Campaign

A well-designed and targeted email campaign is a powerful asset. Fraktul has years of experience in producing email campaigns that get results

Our proven copywriting skills and extensive knowledge in graphic design enable us to create highly effective email campaigns. They are a fantastic means of communicating brand awareness and relationship building. Content is delivered direct and personalised.

Email campaigns are a very cost-effective method for maintaining frequent and focused communication with your customers. At Fraktul, we can design your campaign – to attract, entertain and inform.

“How can I measure the effectiveness of my email campaigns?” 

At Fraktul, we monitor and track all email campaigns. This allows us to report, with certainty, on the campaign results. Utilising analytics software provides us with detailed information – thereby informing future campaigns’ content and delivery. We can see exactly the actions taken by each recipient – a little scary huh?

Our clients have included:

Email Campaign: How we can help

We will work with you to create a bold, creative and effective email campaign that will work wonders for your business

We will create a campaign that focuses on objectives and deliver.

We can create an attractive, informative and engaging email template that showcases your brand. Could your brand do with a polish? Don’t worry, we can help with that too.

Fraktul email campaign image shown on a desktop computer showing brand and a Christmas tree

Email Campaign Services

Customised Themes

Create and customise the most appropriate theme that suits the style of your business.


Advice on the timing of the campaign that will provide the best results.

Proof Reading

Ensuring that your communication is error free.


Interesting and well-written content that is persuasive and informative.


Comprehensive reporting on opening rates, click throughs and click maps.

Integration with Social Media

We can set up email signups on social media, allowing potential customers to register directly.

Campaign Setup

No experience in setting up a campaign? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Creative visuals, designed and executed to a high standard – creating an interesting campaign.

Integration with Website

We can provide a form which you can use on your website helping customers sign up directly.