Annelie Carmichael

Annelie Carmichael

Copywriter, Copy Editor and Proofreader

Annelie is an experienced copywriter, copy editor and proofreader. She has experience in book publishing, TV subtitling, website editing and social media, and has written or co-written several books.

  • An organised and reliable individual
  • Great attention to detail
  •  Copywriting and proofreading

Mother to a young daughter, in her free time Annelie enjoys cycling round a Scottish island (or ten), or a great night out with family and friends.

What pastime or hobbies do you enjoy?

Photography, reading, films, cycling, walking my dog, making crafty things with my daughter, baking.

What three things can’t you live without?

  • My family (human and canine)
  • My friends
  • Dark chocolate

What’s your definition of a good life?

One defined by happiness, love and friendship rather than money or stuff.

What’s your idea of a fun time?

Mucking about on a beach; cycling round a Scottish island (or ten); a great night out with family and friends; playing at shops / libraries / schools / post offices with my daughter.


Annelie has always loved language and enjoys helping businesses and individuals to communicate more effectively.


If your business has something to say, I’ll say it effectively for you.

Copy editing

I’ll check your text (or copy) and make sure it reads well, makes sense, is error-free and gets your message across.


I have a keen eye for typos, grammar errors and missing punctuation!

Social media

I help you to reach out to your customers and have engaging and useful conversations with them.

Communication (internal & external)

I’m good at keeping everyone in the loop, from colleagues to customers.

Website management

I manage all aspects of websites, such as project-managing a new build, reviewing and redeveloping existing websites or simply doing the daily content management.


Some recent examples of projects that I’ve helped to deliver.