Mike Dales

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Consultant

With in-depth experience in outdoor recreation and tourism, Mike works with a range of organisations on consultancy projects.

As well being a part of the Fraktul team, Mike also runs Big Pond Scotland, offering services in tourism planning and marketing.

An innovative copywriter with a passion for bringing words to life.

  • Recreation and tourism consultancy
  • Training and corporate speaker
  •  Copywriting and proofreading

Passionate about the outdoors and an active mountaineer, sea kayaker, skier, runner and cyclist, Mike has climbed all the 3,000 foot mountains in the British Isles (the Munros and Furths) and in May 2013 cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats to become an end-to-ender.

What pastime or hobbies do you enjoy?

Being outdoors. Hill walking, sea kayaking, cycling, skiing and running.

What three things can’t you live without?

  • My sea kayak
  • My sleek new road bike
  • My running shoes

What’s your definition of a good life?

Sharing and planning some amazing adventures with my partner.

What’s your idea of a fun time?

Travelling and camping in the remotest parts of Scotland.


Finding out what people want to say and helping them say it in an engaging manner.


Producing great text that speaks to your potential customer.

Farm diversification

Innovative solutions for rural businesses looking to diversify into recreation and tourism.


Preventing lost business by being a stickler for accuracy and detail.


Offering a range of training courses and able to develop bespoke sessions.

Tourism planning

Research, feasibility studies and marketing advice for tourism businesses.

Motivational speaking

An entertaining and thought-provoking speaker promoting the health benefits of recreation.


Some recent examples of projects that I’ve helped to deliver.