Sandy McCurdy

Sandy McCurdy

Sales Coach, Training and Improvement

Sandy helps businesses to build successful, focused sales strategies and develops individuals into confident salespeople through well proven selling skills.

Sandy is the owner of The Sales Coach specialising in working with businesses on sales strategies, sales team development and training. He believes that the “hard sell” never works!

In a long career in senior sales and marketing, Sandy has worked with many companies to develop their sales strategies and skills. His experience cuts across many business sectors.

  • Personal selling skills training and consultancy
  • Aligning sales strategy to business and marketing operations
  • Corporate speaker and workshop facilitator

In his free time you’ll find Sandy playing guitar and singing in a blues band in his local bar with his friends.

What pastime or hobbies do you enjoy?

I have written one novel (unpublished) which took three years to write and am trying to find the time to do more writing. I have several ideas for the next one.

What three things can’t you live without?

  • My wife Iasbel and our extended family
  • A pot of hot tea
  • My guitar – when I get too old to play it, I’ll just hold it!

What’s your definition of a good life?

Life is made wonderful when I am with people. It’s even better when I can help them through their challenges and worries and see them move on to a better place.

What’s your idea of a fun time?

Playing guitar and singing in our blues band in my local bar with my pals. My son says we play “grandad rock”!


Fellow of the Institute of Sales Managers and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketers.

Selling skills training

It’s not what you sell – it’s how you sell. I help clients to discover the focused knowledge and skills required to become great at sales.

Sales strategies and alignment with marketing plans

Great sales results come from a robust process and I help businesses pull together great processes.

Innovative thinking

All businesses are unique and markets are changing daily. I help businesses to sell successfully in their particular market.

Finding solutions

Customers are looking for solutions and I can quickly uncover what solutions will work for them.


Using great content and the appropriate delivery style I have made hundreds of presentations – the largest to a group of 1,500 people.


Success in business comes from having a large and varied network of contacts. I’m great at putting people together to help them grow their businesses.


Some recent examples of projects that I’ve helped to deliver.