Fraktul can help you stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons. We can work with you to develop effective materials to promote your business.

Whatever we develop, you can be sure it will be a cost-effective and creative solution, meeting your budget and supporting your business needs. We’re skilled at providing creative campaigns that work.

Online – we’re able to help with a range of online tools, including websites, email campaigns, social media. We’ll help to draw out your Unique Selling Points and what really matters to your customers. We can help to support your team, or we can provide all the services you need – think of us as your Marketing department – on tap when you need us. We can provide graphic design, copy writing, video – delivering compelling material.

Offline – we design promotional material that is suited to your organisation. Whether you need an annual report, advertising, flyers, digital signage, or promotional goods – we’ll design and deliver it. We can provide graphic design, copy writing, proof reading, photography and printing – delivering you just what you need to get your job done.

We’re also rather good at working with teams to develop bid and award submissions, as well as the activities that are more likely to result in winning an award.

Promotion: How we can help

We all work with finite budgets and a goal for what we hope  to achieve. Wherever you’re starting from you can be sure that we’ve got the tools and ideas to help you turn a germ of an idea, into reality.

If you have a clear brief, we’ll work with you to design and deliver your campaign. We’ll always see if we can help to add value and will make sure that we do our level best to deliver on time and to budget.

Don’t know where to start? No problem. We’ll help you to understand better how best to communicate with your potential clients; then we’ll work with you to develop the right material you need.

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Our Services

Competitor analysis

Who to avoid, beat or imitate and strategic opportunities.

PEEST analysis

Wider analysis, to make sure that you’ve covered all of the bases.

SWOT analysis

Your business and the opportunities and threats to consider.

Unique selling point

What’s your real “after” and how we help to promote this.

Market size and trends

We’ll help to confirm whether the sausage is worth the sizzle.

Creative and practical advice

We have a reputation for creative ideas that work.

Marketing Support

Promotion Work