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Fraktul Managing Director outside Kingspark Memorials premises with owners James and Kathleen Carcary
Kingspark Memorials branding purple and black text
Kingspark Memorials business card stack
Kingspark Memorials Stationery in purple and black

Kingspark Memorials brand launch

Kingspark Memorials on Canal Street, Perth is a new start-up business, established in 2014. They provide a wide range of memorials with various types of stone, styles, finishes and decoration available. The team at Kingspark can help select the perfect memorial. They provide a comprehensive cleaning and restoration service and their experienced team can restore a memorial back to its original best.

Facebook logo on a blue background with white text

Using Facebook as an effective marketing tool

Some business owners still question the power that Facebook can have to work as an effective marketing tool, despite Facebook now having over one billion active users. Many companies are now being converted and tapping into this vast audience, successfully gaining leads and generating clients from simply creating and correctly using this largely free resource. We’d suggest, that you don’t mock it until you’ve tried it!