Perthshire Glazing Company (PGC) is the parent for a diversified range of well known Fair City businesses, among others McLeod Glaziers, Meldrum Joinery & Building, Bar Forty Four, Greyfriars and Kirkside.

Fraktul Marketing has provided a range of services to Derek Petterson, CEO of Perthshire Glazing Company and his teams at PGC businesses for over six years, helping to secure significant contracts and driving growth.

After considering a range of options, Perthshire Glazing Company selected  Fraktul Marketing to provide a strategic partnership to support the business moving forward.

Fraktul Managing Director Stephen Gorton shakes hands with Derek Petterson, CEO of the Perthshire Glazing Company

Stephen Gorton, MD says “We’re delighted to have this partnership in place with Derek and his team. We know the real value that we can add to businesses, by raising awareness and supporting sales. Our full-service team is supporting strategic planning, digital and traditional marketing channels. It’s our practical, results-oriented approach to marketing that our clients value. We are proud to be supporting this range of well known Perth based businesses.”

Very much a collaborative approach, the two teams are working together to deliver effective business-focused solutions.

Derek Petterson says “We have worked with Stephen and the team at Fraktul for some time and have been very impressed with the results. This partnership ensures that we’re getting the very best service for our teams. We’re confident that now is the right time to be investing in Perth and its community. It’s an exciting time for our businesses, with new product offerings coming in 2019. I’m confident that we’ve found the right team to help us deliver results and ROI.”