Drip…drip…drip…the sound of your worst nightmare

Rain - News Article

One of our clients has just had a lucky escape.

With the disappearance of the ice and snow from last week, came another challenge. They had a leak through the roof; wouldn’t you know it, right above their server.

The good news is that their data has been backed up. Better still, their website which until recently was on that server, is tucked away on Fraktul’s dedicated web server, in one of the most secure data centres in Europe. It’s based in the UK and operated by one of the largest global providers. This meant that our clients data had 100% redundancy, as the data on the server is mirrored on a secondary disk. Just to be totally certain the Fraktul web server is also backed up hourly onsite and 12 times daily offsite, by secure link, to a remote backup facility.

The really good news is, that despite the buckets in the office, our clients investment their new website was protected and their business continued online, with no interruption.

If you’d also like to have that kind of security, knowing that your business was protected against the elements, why not give us a call?

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