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Stephen Gorton with work experience student Callum

As an organisation, we’re all about learning, so when we were asked to help a student with work experience, we jumped at the chance.

Managing Director Stephen, who learned his profession through ONC, HNC, Degree and Professional qualifications to become a Chartered Marketer, believes passionately in life-long learning.

Stephen says “I’ve always believed that work experience should be informative and relevant, providing high-quality learning for the student as well as allowing them to make a positive contribution to the organisation. Good quality work experience takes time and effort to provide, but we think that it’s important to invest in young people. It was great to have Callum with us for the week, and we look forward to seeing where he goes from here!”

We believe that, as part of the community, all businesses have a role to play in developing our young people, particularly so in the Year of Young People. Fraktul has rapidly grown into Perth’s premier marketing services provider, not least because of our commitment to improving the skill set of our team.

We were glad to have Callum with us for a week. We think he’s going to go far. Here’s Callum’s account of his week with the Fraktul Marketing team.

Stephen Gorton with work experience student Callum


My name is Callum, I’m 15 and at Perth Academy. One of the subjects I really enjoy at school is Business Management, so I was excited to hear I was able to come along and spend a week at Fraktul and get some experience in the workplace – especially in a field I am interested in.

Day 1

When I first arrived I was introduced to Stephen who told me about the company and what they do. After reading through booklets and their website, I was shown around the office by Madelaine. Afterwards, I attended the weekly team meeting, which gave me a good idea about the work ethic and attitude of the people at Fraktul. For the rest of the day I worked with Andrew; both on an interactive map for a website, updating the company information and also adding and replacing images on another company’s site. Overall, I think it was a very productive day and I managed to get a grasp on most of the software that is used.

Day 2

During the second day of my time at Fraktul, I worked on writing pieces for a building company. This was mainly copywriting for different projects where I had to collate information about the projects, research details and then produce a short summary about the finished product. I also wrote a news article post for the same company about a charity event they took part in. This has helped develop me in terms of writing and researching, which are very important skills to have. Finally, I helped select the photos to be used on the website from a company’s management photoshoot earlier in the day.

Day 3

In the morning of Day 3, I followed Kyle who was designing a new website for a construction company. I learned how the software is used to design the site and pages, input information and change the layout and sizing of the different icons and graphics we used. Afterwards, I worked with Andrew. He introduced me to Facebook insights and how to see what does well, in terms of engagement with the public, on social media. After this, we completed multiple jobs: I updated the management photos that we selected yesterday, and I drafted a social media post for a plumbing company. We then produced another post for a bathroom company, but received some client feedback and refined the design. After a discussion meeting with Stephen, Andrew and I got to work; I researched suppliers for useful images and descriptions to support their social media page. We produced proposals using the information and images we found. After further consultation, we completed the post for the company.

Day 4

On Day 4 I worked on the products page of the website we were building; inputting new images and text for the different styles of products that they sell. I also added the links to other pages on the website to make it more user-friendly. This helped me to become more confident with WordPress software and I am now comfortable with updating a website’s information. I then helped to create Facebook Marketplace advertising for a retail client to help sell some items that needed to be replaced to make space for new displays. Andrew and I then created a social media and blog post to advertise these items as on-sale. We also finished off a social media post draft from yesterday and created a new one to show a company’s involvement in a charity race event. Finally, I watched Kyle create a gif advert for a bathroom company, to be shown as advertising on a website.

Day 5

On my final day at Fraktul, the website was a high priority. We finished the portfolio page and worked on products. Although a little repetitive, it gives a good insight into how sometimes it needs to be that way to produce a high-quality product. I researched a sub-section of their products and proposed bullet point information on each. I then watched Kyle design a banner advertisement for a utility company and an email signature for a business who were wanting it updated. The process included getting the logos correctly sized, linking it to a page on the website and adding contact details and images. I then did some proofreading for the website and linked the social media icons in the footer to the relevant sites.


I’ve really enjoyed working at Fraktul over the week and I would like to thank Stephen for allowing me to join them. Thank you also to the rest of the Fraktul team for giving me a warm welcome; creating a good work environment and making it a great experience for me. If you are ever in need of an intern you know who to call!


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