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Tips to make the management of your Facebook page quicker and easier.

Some business owners still question the power that Facebook can have to work as an effective marketing tool, despite Facebook now having over one billion active users. Many companies are now being converted and tapping into this vast audience, successfully gaining leads and generating clients from simply creating and correctly using this largely free resource.  We’d suggest, that you don’t mock it until you’ve tried it!

The first thing to be aware of is that if you are already a personal user of Facebook, that your business page shouldn’t be used in the same way.  It is also essential that you set out with a clear strategy to ensure you keep your audience engaged.  We are well aware that when you are running a business there are a million things clamouring for your attention and that Facebook can seem sometimes seem like just another chore.

To help you streamline the process, here are a few tips to make the management of your Facebook page quicker and easier:

  1. Planning – many of your status updates can be planned in advance. At the beginning of the week sit down and plan the status updates, scheduling them using a tool such as Hootsuite (see below).
  2. Interaction – make sure that you pop back to your page regularly, to encourage discussion and answer any questions
  3. Linking – make sure you tell people about your Facebook page, to ensure people know it is there.  Use any other online / offline tools to achieve this, such as your website, twitter and brochures.
  4. Be relevant – make sure the status updates you post are relevant to your audience. Unsurprisingly, this increases the chances of them engaging with you and continuing to ‘Like’ your page.
  5. Number of updates – do not spam your Facebook pages with updates. It is not a twitter account and users tend to be put off if you fill their timeline with lots of posts.
  6. Think – it is quite possible to forget that you are posting a comment to a large group of people on behalf of your company. Always take the time to consider, ‘Does this post represent my business’.

This is just an overview of some key points in managing your Facebook page. If you’d like to discuss any of the elements further, we’d love to hear from you.

Case Study – LiveGlutenFree

We help manage the Facebook page for a large gluten free resource called LiveGlutenFree.  This is a perfect example of how well considered Facebook usage can be very effective in raising a brands exposure, as well as driving traffic to your website.

The LiveGlutenFree Facebook page was launched in March 2012. Only 10 months later it has gained almost 3,500 Likes (December 2012), with a large percentage of the website’s traffic coming directly from their Facebook page. We helped LiveGlutenFree to achieve this by ensuring there were regular and relevant posts to keep their audience engaged. We also promoted frequent giveaways and promotions on their page.

The page is kept topical, so that it doesn’t stagnate. We achieve this by using status updates, interesting images and also by changing the cover image (see below), whilst still maintaining the clear brand identity, as shown below.

Useful Tools

A useful tool that we highly recommend to help manage Facebook, as well as other social media streams, is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite enables you to monitor interactions on your social media as well as posting to them.  A very useful tool on this platform is the facility to enable you to schedule posts, so that if you have a busy day you can still have a good social media presence.

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