“My work experience at Fraktul Marketing”

Sophie Work experience

My name is Sophie, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Dresden, a city in the eastern part of Germany. I’ve been in Scotland for one year now, spending a school year abroad at Kilgraston school. The subjects at my school in Germany are very different to the ones in Scotland, so I was very excited when I heard about the opportunity to study “Business Management”. Fast forward a few months and I have now sat my higher Business Management course and absolutely loved it. This made me interested in marketing and I wanted to gain some work experience in a marketing company. Naturally, I was delighted to hear about Stephen and his company, Fraktul because it sounded like the perfect opportunity to gain some work experience.

Sophie Work experience

Day 1:

When I arrived at Fraktul everyone welcomed me with open arms and instantly made me feel very comfortable. Alastair gave me a tour round the office and Stephen told me what my week was going to look like. I got my own desk next to two young and lively designers of Fraktul. My first task was to research clients for Fraktul, a big responsibility for me. Next, I started a mind map describing the marketing strategy of Fraktul with the help of Andrew, a very friendly marketing graduate. After thinking about blog post ideas, possible sources and social media posts, my first day of work was already over.

Day 2:

On day two I witnessed my first team meeting, where all my “co-workers” discussed their current projects and got advice from the other colleagues. Afterwards I got to write my first blog post. I had to research ideas and sources on relevant topics. Later that day I analysed and evaluated data about Fraktul’s social media performance. Andrew showed me the social media planner of one of their clients and my job was to create one. So, I started to research marketing and design events that we could talk about. Would you believe that my second day was already over?

Day 3:

Day one and two were very exciting and busy and so was day three. At first, I continued to research events related to marketing and design. While Fraktul had a meeting with one of their clients I wrote another blog post about the business model canvas. When that was finished I wrote a press release for a hotel in Perth which had won an award for their hospitality. After writing my diary entry for day 1 and day 2 everyone helped to make the office look neat and tidy for tomorrows video shoot.

Day 4:

On day four Alastair was back and helped me with business development. Shortly after, the videographer came in and we started preparing to film. We filmed many different shots from various angles, but I quite enjoyed it. The videographer filmed us doing our work and having a team meeting which I personally enjoyed the most. During the meeting Stephen told us about business model canvas. After that I continued doing business development on different websites. At the end of the day Stephen surprised me with a presentation thanking me for my work which I really appreciated.

Finally, I want to thank Stephen and his team for making this week a wonderful experience. I met so many lovely people and gained a lot of experience. I would come back any time!

Stephen Gorton, Fraktul MD, added “We were really pleased to welcome Sophie to our team for work experience. We believe that we’ve all got a part to play in developing talent & supporting young people. Sophie worked really hard and fitted right into our team. Our best wishes go out to Sophie who made a very positive contribution.”

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