Successfully Branding a Nation


After several weeks of horrendous Scottish Winter weather and the chaos that the “Beast from the East” caused, it is of no surprise that many people are dreaming of warmer climates and as such looking ahead to booking their Summer holidays.

The question is though, how do countries brand and market themselves to attract your attention? When you are faced with so many possibilities around the world?

Creating a strong brand

To create a strong national brand, it is vital to distinguish a country from any competition. This is achieved by utilising unique selling points. As a result differentiating what a country can offer to a variety of different target audiences.

Each country must identify what makes them unique – this can include historic monuments, natural wonders, local cultures and unique activities. Immediately, this can make a destination more favorable than another. If there is something special and of particular interest to someone, which another country is unable to match.

One of the most effective ways to catch the eye of a potential visitor is by striking imagery and video footage of the destination. Specifically, showing off all of the unique aspects it has to offer. This immediately draws attention to the destination. It will tease the reader to investigate further into the possibility of travelling to the destination.

To increase brand awareness and exposure of the country, it is vital that the aforementioned imagery is communicated and distributed via a strategic array of media channels. The chosen imagery or footage should be tailored to different channels depending on the specific target audience.

For example, if a nation is trying to promote the outdoor activity possibilities it has to offer due to unique landscapes, the chosen media streams should be outdoor and sporting magazines, websites and TV channels.

If a country can identify what makes them unique to a specific target audience and they can communicate this message to them effectively, there is a very high chance that this destination will be chosen in the travel decision making process.

Travel trends

Countries should also keep a close eye on recent travel trends. By doing so they can tailor what their country can offer in line with said trends. For example, two of the most popular travel trends in recent years are the rise of Eco-Tourism and Adventure Travel. More and more, holiday makers are looking for more than just sitting by the pool for two weeks in the sun. Therefore it is important that a country differentiates itself from that and emphasises all that it has to offer. The more a country can offer, the perceived value for money from potential holiday-makers will be considerably higher.

Chile – #1 Country to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet

For example, Chile has recently been voted as the #1 Country to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet – As you can see Chile has created a visually stunning video montage exposing the pristine and unique natural landscapes that it has to offer. It has also differentiated the array of benefits and activities it can offer – adventure, culture and nature. Chile has created a marketing campaign which offers something to suit a variety of different interests, needs and budget.

Chile will definitely be added to my travel bucket list. Let us know where you are planning on travelling to in 2018 and what marketing material has made you interested in this destination.

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