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Pipe Major Darren Walker of 7 Scots Royal Regiment of Scotland plays the pipes during the service in St John’s Kirk, Perth

Pipe Major Darren Walker of 7 Scots Royal Regiment of Scotland plays the pipes during the service in St John’s Kirk, PerthSo, it was exactly 100 years ago today since the signing of the Armistice. Some members of our team were among others, as part of the Scout Association, at the Perth Memorial service where thousands came to pay their respects.

It was truly humbling and thought inspiring to hear letters written by young people from Perth as if they were writing to brothers, fathers, mothers, wives and sisters at that time.

Ironic really, that at such a significant anniversary of making peace that we’re living in the midst of a divisive era. Social media, a massive force for connection and communication, is also a platform for hate, ignorance and dis-information across so many issues. Tolerance seems to be at an all-time low just when it’s needed more than ever.

It was a joy to see St. Johns Kirk and to realise the part that our team has played in branding this historic building that has provided a place of worship, refuge and hope for over 500 years. It is heartening to recognise that, despite the current trials we face across Europe and globally that each week Scouting helps over nearly half a million young people across the UK and enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed in life. We’re talking teamwork, leadership and resilience: the skills that make all the difference. Globally there are 40 million members of World Scouting, in some one million local community Scout Groups, making Scouting the largest youth movement in the world. Pride also in seeing many other young people from other youth movements recognising the sacrifice made by so many; standing alongside those who served and those who continue to serve and protect us today.

Let’s hope that 100 years on we’re now able to focus collectively on inclusion, working better to protect our planet from the scourge of war and waste. Our team is proud to be working with organisations doing just that, promoting, education, equality and helping make the most of our remarkably scarce resources.

Picture by Graeme Hart. Copyright Perthshire Picture Agency

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