The Bathroom Company carries a Bath up Ben Nevis

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Bath up the Ben Raines over £4,000 for Macmillan

The Bathroom Company carried the bath, complete with taps, to the top of the highest peak in Britain and we were part of this great team.

The team at the Bathroom Company in Perth came up with idea of scaling Ben Nevis because many of them know someone who has had the disease.
Managing Director Lawrence Haddow, said “I’m so proud of everyone, they worked really hard. Supporting Macmillanmeans a lot to us and we’re really pleased to have raised some cash to help them help others.”
Lawrence added “The group rotated carrying the bath, in teams of two with a couple of reserves. It’s something a bit different and was great for team-building. We did this mainly because, as a company, we know a lot of people who have been affected by cancer and we want to give something back.”
The group had considered taking a more traditional-style bath to the summit but instead opted for a lighter alternative. The team set off at 9am, taking just three and a half hours to get to the top. The rocky terrain included a section of snow, where they even tried sledging back down.
The big hearted team was encouraged by the hundreds of other people on the mountain, many of whom were also raising money for good causes. The bath caused a deal of hilarity and many folk wanted a lift in it to the top. The guys did give one lovely lady, who was climbing with her family, a quick lift. It was hard work, but great fun.
After reaching the summit at 12:30 the team celebrated and made their way back down the mountain in just two hours, where they enjoyed a well earned drink and a good meal.

Stephen, Fraktul MD, says “This was a real challenge, to get the team (and the bath) safely to the top of Ben Nevis and back down again. It was a great (if arduous) day, but the thought of raising a significant amount of cash for a really worthwhile charity really helped. We worked with Stefan from Morocco Media to record the entire day.”

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