Hello! My name is Alastair, and I am on a marketing internship with Fraktul marketing. As part of my business management with marketing degree at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, I can spend the third year of my course in business, learning the practical aspects of my course and putting all the theory I have (hopefully) learnt into practice!

I am doing a blog detailing what I have been up to each month at Fraktul and elements of work that I have particularly enjoyed working on. As it is my first month I have undoubtedly built an incredible variety of new skills and for this blog, I was not quite sure where to start!

However, I firmly believe that what I have enjoyed so far the most about working at Fraktul is the responsibility that I am given on a day to day basis. Whether that be developing and scheduling social media campaigns across the likes of Facebook and Google, developing copy write for a range of new websites that we are currently in the midst of developing, or playing a role in leading a project or meeting, and seeing it through to its final successful completion, brings enormous pride!

This first month has brought a number of particular highlights so I think I will detail just a few! Within my first 10 days of working at Fraktul I was able to play an active role in developing the brand-new website for Tay Valleys vets based in Perth. This not only allowed me to develop my copywriting skills, but allowed me to become familiar with the website platform Word Press. This was important as before I knew it I would be working on websites for Earnside Energy and Food Waste Scotland.

I have found it particularly rewarding seeing the work that I have completed go live for the first time. Whether that be through the copy writing I have undertaken for the likes of the Binn Group and Earnside Energy website or taking the lead when a new website is being developed, it is always nice to see you are making a difference. I am currently working on an interesting project for a national client, with it being particularly exciting having been given responsibility for a key part of this project.

Though only small, I particularly enjoyed seeing the recent advert I developed for Binn Group, advertised in a local newspaper. It’s always great seeing your work through to final completion!

I think that is everything for this month’s blog! There are so many skills that I have learnt this month, whether through using Hootsuite, buffer or WordPress amongst others, I think I would be here all-day detailing what I have learnt! I think what surprised me the most coming to Fraktul was undoubtedly the team spirit and the great emphasis on working together as a group to achieve a common goal. Being at university where you are more used to working on your own, this has been a great change for me and something I particularly enjoy.