New Product Development for Award-Winning Business

Clootie McToot, based in the Pictish village of Abernethy, just outside of Perth, specialise in creating authentic Clootie Dumplings, using a secret family recipe which has been passed down through the generations. Founded in 2017, Clootie McToot have took the nation’s taste buds by storm and as such, have been rewarded with multiple awards including the prestigious Business Star Awards, Excellence in Food and Drink produce category.

“All project deliverables and expectations were expertly managed. 

We are extremely happy with every aspect of their work and will continue to use this company in the future. Thank you “

Michelle Maddox / Clootie McToot
Michelle Maddox, founder of Clootie McToot, approached us with a new and unique product idea – a DIY Clootie Dumpling kit that would make it easy and straightforward for anyone, anywhere in the world to make this tasty and nostalgic Scottish treat.
We visited Clootie McToot’s quirky shop for inspiration before we got to work designing the packaging for the kit. During the design process, we proposed a new brand identity which reflected not only the high quality of the product, but also the target market in which the business was looking to establish themselves in. 
Following on from the packaging of the kit, we also designed and created the accompanying guide booklet and flyers to help promotion of the new product, within their shop and at markets across Scotland.  
Why not give making your own Clootie Dumpling a try, we can promise you that you will not regret it – Delicious.
Visit the Clootie McToot website